BETA Technologies is a company based in Italy.

We produce Software and provide Cloud and System Administration services.

Our electronic laboratory is one of the most well-knowns in the country.

Our mission is to provide high level services based on informatics and electronics technology.


IT Department

We work in outsourcing for your Italian customers needs with:

  • Banks and Insurance companies - hardware and network support
  • On-Site Datacenter Disaster recovery
  • On-Site Datacenter Server maintenance
  • First-level IT support


Electronic Department

  • Automotive prototype custom cabling
  • Automotive custom board prototype assembly, programming and testing


Cloud Department

  • Customer setup and on the Cloud migration
  • Italian Government and Public Administration On-Site Cloud support


Software Department

  • Tailor-made software integrations and solutions (database binding, management, local backup)
  • Electronic Invoicing (Fatturazione Elettronica) RESTful APIs for software platforms integration
  • On-Site penetration testing/network debugging
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